In our Montessori Preschool your child receives for his or her education individualized attention from Montessori trained teachers. The language of instruction is German. Besides working with the Montessori Materials story telling, singing, art and crafts, creative play, computer, group games, music, gymnastic, excursions or cultural celebration are part of our program. The Montessori education promotes the development of social skills, emotional growth, physical co-ordination and learning skills.

We teach German to children with a foreign language. In a small group, they learn to communicate in German though conversation, story telling, role plays and games.

Our private English lessons “English for kids” offer the children the opportunity to get in contact with a foreign language. Games, songs and learning by doing will awaken the feeling for understanding and speaking English. This English lessons take place twice a week and are only for children enrolled in our Montessori Kindergarten.