The prepared environment

The Montessori teacher creates a „prepared environment“ supported by specialized Montessori Materials, to attract the child’s interest to work and learn in the Kindergarten. This environment allows the children to freely choose new things, to learn at their own speed, according to their own capabilities, in a non-competitive classroom and gain self-confidence.

Polarization of attention

Maria Montessori speaks of “Polarization of attention” when a child directs all his or her interests to one task. The child than works spontaneously and repeatedly in total concentration.

Sensitive Periods

The sensitive periods are special time periods in the formative years when a child is attracted to a particular aspect of the environment. Working on activities related to the sensitive period the child is in, results in the easy acquisition of  a particular skill or knowledge ; e.g. movement, order, language, numbers etc. For the teacher it is important to recognize these sensitive periods and to help the child to learn what is most important to his or her development.

Self correction

The Montessori Materials have a built in control of error. Thanks to this self correction the children acquire the habit of working independently, unafraid of making mistakes becoming comfortable with the fact, that errors are essential to the process of learning.

The Montessori Material

The Montessori Material is divided into 5 fields:

-         Practical Life Exercices

-         Sensorial Material

-         Mathematic Material

-         Language Material

-         Cultural Extensions


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